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  1. Such an interesting question. I wonder about those who wouldn’t ever ask either of those questions of someone? Heh or the pedants (like myself) who pick everything apart, saying I don’t drink much beer (can tolerate some sours, but definitely cannot do 2 of them) & I don’t like/would never own (or ask someone unknown to watch a) dog? So does that make me 1. Untrustworthy & no fun or 2. Boring? I dunno. Being very autistic I never find satisfactory answers (even though I know what they’re going for) for myself because I get caught up in the details, such as:

    So, having drinks (versus beer) isn’t analogous either, nor is dinner because they both imply different social (american) situations such as dating or business. #2 is marginally easier but dogs are much needier and imply more carefree maintenance but most of the FwD (Friends with dogs) I have, their dogs are more than pets, like family (as your kitties are to you!) that you’d not let just anyone sit for overnight, like you’d not leave a child with just anyone. Thinking in reverse, if someone asked me either of those things I’d have to question how much our friendship meant in the first place cos they’d probably not know me well. Though I have dog-sat overnight for a very close friend at least once, just to lay all my cards on the table ^_^

    These thought experiments always get me because of these social cues, levels & anxieties. I also tend to find them shallow and reductive of how humans truly interact. But they *are* terribly fun to pick apart! How many people do you know that you think would fit neatly into either category as stated? 🤔🤔🤔

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