I hate choosy beggars

I used to sell many things online by myself but some people made it really tough going. You realise when you are selling things that there are some really annoying people out there.

If you are giving things away for free but specify that people must collect the time you get the:

  • what else can you throw in to make it worth my while?
  • if I come to collect it can you pay for my gas?
  • …but I don’t drive. Can’t you take a taxi and bring it to me?

If you specify that the price is fixed:

  • but I am a single mother
  • I don’t my child he could have this and I only have xxx amount
  • I can trade for it. I have a lizard/phone charder/tv game
  • you made my child cry

I have:

  • had people try to pay me in stamps
  • received threats

Nowadays I do it via consignment (where the shop selling it for me takes a commission), via friends, or via my blog. I have met the nicest people through selling things on my blog and they are always to happy to give my special things a home. I have been selling many vintage Filofaxes upon request recently and met so many new friends that way.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I found some people were totally horrible when I was giving things away, told them they were free but had to be collected as I didn’t drive (still don’t). If they tried to get me to take a taxi over to them I would tell them they had to order it and pay for it because I wouldn’t. Problem solved as they wouldn’t pay for me to use a taxi when they could come over to pick them up in a taxi.

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