People who said they didn’t want the damn cats…

I read this Bored Panda article with a smile on my face. All the people who hated cats/didn’t want cats/were not cat people, but fell in love anyway.  There are loads of wonderful stories in that article. Here are some of my favourites.

I once had a student – let’s call him Bernard – who really hated cats.

Week 1: he told me that he couldn’t move in with his girlfriend because she had a cat and he could not stand them.

Week 4: they had decided to move into a new house together and rehome the cat. He asked me if I wanted the cat. I said no.

Week 8: they moved in together and he asked me again if I wanted the cat. I said no.

Week 9: he grumbled non stop about the cat

Week 10: he started talking about Benny

Week 11: he told me about something cute that Benny did

Week 12: he showed me a photograph of Benny

Week 13: he showed me loads of photographs of Benny and talked about him for half the lesson

Week 14: he asked me what kind of food my cats liked because he wanted to give Benny something new

Week 16: he said to me ‘you know? I love Benny’

Week 20: he took Benny away on holiday with him to his country cottage for a month. The girlfriend stayed at home

He is no longer my student as he has retired. The last I heard, they had four cats but Benny is still his favourite. He still sends me photographs of himself and Benny.

Incidentally, many people say ‘I hate cats but they always head straight for me’. This is because people who like cats tend to move around and try to cuddle them, whereas people who do not like cats tend to sit very still, creating an inviting lap to sit on.






Author: Janet Carr

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