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In recent months I have read several times in UK papers that it is a ‘Scandinavian thing’ for couples to have separate duvets/comforters on a bed. I am not sure if that is an accurate observation, but I can say that it really works for us.

Our bed is very wide – 230cm – so it is hard to find duvets and covers in that size. We also have three cats who sleep with us, and different sleeping patterns. I lie very still when I sleep, which attracts the cats to cuddle up next to me. That makes me hot so I tend to either fling the cover off during the night, or stick one leg out so I can cool down. I also hog the covers because I like to roll myself up in them. My husband, on the other hand, is like a windmill in bed. He also grabs a lot of the covers to put between his knees because he hates his knees touching. I have a thick fluffy heavyweight duvet, and he has a light summer one, so separate covers are perfect for us.

Does anyone else use separate covers?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hello, I agree with Eva, that this is probably a German thing. Being German, I grew up with everyone having their own duvet. After moving to the US, we were introduced to the king size covers and that would not work for me. So, now we buy the ‘twin bed’ size duvets, one for my husband and one for myself. Actually, IKEA is the store that we buy our sheets here in the US.

  2. I don’t like duvets. They are simultaneously too hot and too cold, which shouldn’t even be possible. I stick with cotton sheets and wool blankets as they mould much better around the body.

  3. Absolutely! I’ve been with my husband for 21 years and we’ve had separate duvets from the get go. So when we have to share – like in a hotel – it makes life really hard.

  4. Actually, I think it might be more of a German thing. My German husband introduced me to this system when we moved in together and I was horrified!… I thought he didn’t like me because he didn’t want to share a duvet with me… As it turns out, that was not the case!… I think that you and your husband, and me and my husband, we are very similar: I like to have the cover on me but not tucked in but my husband rolls himself in it like a burrito or a cigar. Two duvet covers improved our sleep dramatically. Good sleep is everything!…

  5. We didn’t know (until the recent focus on it) that it was a regional thing, but we’ve done the separate blankets (smaller bed, but no kitties) for years. The mattress we have also has “zones” – different sleep styles (I sleep on my back, he’s a busy side sleeper) and sleep temps. I used to sleep super hot, thanks to inflammation, but now am SUPER cold.

    He has a top sheet & a woven cotton blanket during the winter & a linen blanket “summer cover” for summertime. I have no top sheet (use a duvet), a heavy woven blanket & an electric throw on my perpetually cold feet.

    We were uncomfortable spooners for years on a handmedown mattress, but then I got very ill & we invested in the zonal mattress. Now I’m doing better it’s been interesting revisiting all this.

    We’ll be together for 26 years next week, so it seems to work well enough!

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