Crocodile handbag

Filofax used to make binders from leather that would be banned today (and quite rightly so) – elephant, frog, lizard, shark. I have an ostrich and a lizard Filofax, and previously had a sharkskin one (now sold).

Ostrich is almost never a protected leather. There are large farms in South Africa where the skin is a byproduct of the food industry, and I think this is where most ostrich leather comes from. It is a beautiful leather, and will last a lifetime. I have one bag and one Filofax made from ostrich leather and they will be passed down to the generation after me, they have worn so well.

Filofax also made alligator skin Filofaxes, but they are pretty expensive, as is all alligator skin. In Sweden an import certificate is required, which is then added to the cost of the item so they are very expensive. I think it is good though because the certificate is proof that the leather is ethically and sustainably obtained.

I have a crocodile skin handbag, the skin of which is a byproduct of a breeding project aimed at ensuring stable DNA within African crocodile populations. It came with an import certificate and proof of ethical origin. All money from these items goes back into the programme. I am rather divided about it, but I know that the animal from which this bag came was not killed for the skin.

I always feel somewhat of a hypocrite because I eat meat and I wear leather, while at the same time working in animal rescue and donating significant sums to dog and cat charities.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I had heard that Filofax was using ostrich leather but I didn’t know that they had other types of leather. I got into Filofaxes in the early 2000’s, so maybe this was on the way out. I would have loved to see a shark skinned Filofax. It’s nice to know that there is ethical leather out there. I would like to try vegan leather made out of mushrooms and I wonder how durable it would be. I have faux-leather chairs and a cat and those don’t make for the best combination ever… Minou (my cat) managed to scratch the living daylights of those chairs. Although apparently, they now look like expensive designer chairs, or so said my brother-in-law!…

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