Exotic Filofaxes in Elephant, Frog and Shark

This is a link I have had on my favourites list for ages and ages. It is so hard to find photographs of most of the unusual binders Filofax manufactured in their glory days. This  Japanese collection has wonderful lists and very clear photos.

I have been trying to contact him or her for ages to ask a little more about their collection. No luck yet though. My guess is that it is a man – probably because I think men were the Filofax target demographic then, but also because of the types of skins that are included in this collection. I am against most of these skins on principle, unless they were ethically gathered, but the wide range of skins used has a certain academic interest factor.

Things on this site:


I hope the person in question sees the traffic to his site from blogs like mine and knows how many people look at his collection.  I would like to say a very big thank you for this fantastic resource and also for keeping this part of the Filofax heritage safe and alive for future generations. Many of these binders would be illegal today and in a way it is nice to know that these old pieces will be preserved for generations to come as they will never be made again. Not by Filofax anyway.

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