In praise of vets

I have had cats since I was 3. My adopted family is more of a dog family than a cat family so I grew up surrounded by dogs as well. They also had rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, pigeons, bantam hens, a goat, a horse, a donkey, budgies, cockatiels, canaries, a pet crow, and a baby deer. When you have had pets as long as I have, you really learn to appreciate veterinarians. They do great work for creatures large and small, and have to deal with so many worried people.

We have a very good animal emergency hospital, and a vet that does home visits. Ziggy was at the dental section of our local animal hospital for 8.5 hours last month. He had FORL (now called TR), a very painful and expensive (insurance is a must) condition. Fluffy had four extractions due to TR and Ziggy had three. They really treat both animals and humans well at the hospital. We also use the animal taxi to get animals (with or without us) to and from the vet.

Because of this, I loved Bored Panda’s recent article on photographs from the vet. . The full list is about 120 images and they are all worth a look. Here are my favourites

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