The Animal Taxi, Stockholm

When my husband and I have to move our cats from place to place – to the catsitter, to the vet, to and from each other’s houses before we lived together – we always used our local animal taxi.

Niclas runs Husdjurstransporter (Pet transport) Stockholm, and he is an absolute star. He has a specially adapted car that allows you and your pet to sit together in comfort and safety (the pet carrier has a seatbelt too). Your pet can travel with you or alone. He drives so smoothly that it seems to calm our cats – who hate cars.

Niclas can transport your pet to and from the vet, or to the kennels. He can collect animals from far away or nearby. If you have shared custody of a pet, Niclas can fetch and carry your vet from ‘parent to parent’. He can collect medicine for your animals. He helps you get your pet into the box if you are struggling to catch them. In the past he fixed the hinge of my cat carrier when it broke en route. Next week when we move, Niclas will be transporting Fluffy and Ziggy to their new home. And the week after that, he will be moving my daughter’s cats to their new home, because they are moving too!

There have been a couple of times when I have been unable to take Fluffy into surgery and Niclas has dropped me off at work and taken Fluffy in to the vet by himself. If you travel to the vet with Niclas, he will carry the box into the vets for you, and will often wait at the vet for you, which is great if you are stressed and anxious. He is always very calm and animals love him, plus he always remembers their names!

Niclas shares the details of his day and always does personal Facebook updates of the animals he transports, if the owners allows. He sometimes shares beautiful photographs if he has been involved in a last journey to the vet. He is so kind and respectful in the way he shares the sad moments so that his readers can offer condolence.

And the surprising thing is, he charges less than a regular taxi. If you are interested in his page, have a look at the Facebook page and Instagram. This is not a sponsored or affiliated post – I am just a happy customer and I wish I had found out about this service before.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  2. Niclas is simply the best there is – I’d recommend him to any pet owner for everything they and their pet may need help with (except maybe for the actual veterinary treatments your pet may need to undergo)😻

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