Gucci planner – my favourite design details

I have had this ring organiser for many years. It means a lot to me because Karine T saw it for sale in one of the Facebook groups and new I would love it. She bought it for me, knowing it would sell quickly, and then me know that she had it if I wanted it. I did! To this day I think of her when I look at it and feel grateful for her kindness.

This binder is rather plain but it has some lovely details

  • square corners
  • square clasp. You don’t see these very often but they look really nice, particularly if there are also square rather than rounded corners
  • flat popper with logo
  • branded logo on the female part of the popper
  • discreet logo inside. At one point, Gucci used to have very screechy logos. I am glad this one is plain and discreet.
  • secretarial pocket. I have grown to love secretarial pockets over the years. They are so functional. I often wonder what this binder would look like with a square secretarial pocket rather than a round one.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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