Pure happiness

My decluttering project is still going, bit by bit. I am

  • finishing all my toiletries. I tend to stock up on sales so now I am finishing what I have before I buy more
  • selling jewellery boxes. I have collected many in varying sizes over the years but I have sold almost all my jewellery this year and have only one box left.
  • wearing all my clothes and deciding if they are keepers or not. Last week I tried on a shirt-and-leggings combo which I was positive was a donate/sell. But guests at our little barbecue complimented me on my outfit so I decided to keep it.
Dry Lake top, Fammé leggings and Haiavanas. Plus the first glass of wine since July 2021 so it went straight to my head!
  • selling larger handbags. The last one I sold was my gorgeous handpainted Anuschka fairy bag. But it is way too big for my aching shoulder and I would rather someone gets use out of it that it just sits on a shelf
  • and then the big job over the last week was downsizing all my Filofax inserts. Out went all the address inserts, old calendar inserts, card dividers. And our little adopted South African family came by to pick out a Filofax each and fill them up with inserts. I met Tim when he was dating my niece many years ago, and when he and his now-wife moved to Sweden we took them under our wing. They catsit for us when we go away and we have them over for dinner regularly. I am so proud of how hard they have worked to establish themselves in Sweden, which is traditionally not easy for foreigners to break into. Here they are putting inserts into their new binders. It was so nice to see them getting use out of all the inserts and being so happy about their new planners. We also cleaned our jewellery that evening, hence the silver dip and polishing cloth on the table.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. OMG – I’m so jealous of your family – why won’t my parents ask me to come and pick from a variety of filofaxes 🙂

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