I am not sure if this is still the case, but my heart is warm anyway

A 40-year-old “mind the gap” recording once heard across the Tube is returning to one station – so the widow of the actor behind it can hear his voice.

Oswald Laurence’s voice was used on the northbound Northern Line but was phased out until only Embankment used it. Dr Margaret McCollum said she often uses the station and was devastated when “he wasn’t there” in November. She was given a copy of the recording after TfL heard she went to Embankment after his death to hear his voice. After the request, Transport for London bosses decided to restore the voiceover warning to Embankment station.

I always found this story to be so heartwarming. Sometimes we need to hear about good things being done out of compassion and kindness. Read more here

Author: Janet Carr

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