A gorgeous bag I will probably never be able to sell

The bag I am featuring today is a really weird one. I would probably not ever want to sell it, but it is likely I would not be allowed to either.

I love Proenza Schouler PS1 bags. They are the perfect design for my work – a briefcase in the shape of a woman’s handbag.  They can fit everything, have lots of pockets, and look great. The lines are clean, the profile is professional, and the pocket constellation is amazing.

I bought a PS1 in Purple Rain on sale 9 years ago because I loved the colour so much. It remains the most expensive bag I have ever bought. For me though, the softer, lighter leather of the purple version was too delicate for me and I was always afraid of damaging it because I carry a lot in my bags and use them heavily. The thicker, tougher black version would probably have been a better choice for me, but it was never discounted like the seasonal colours.

In the end, I sold it because it was too expensive to risk damaging it in some way, and there were no PS1 distributors in Sweden who could repair it if necessary. It took a while to sell because people in Sweden were not familiar with the brand.

A year or so later, I was in a charity shop and found the bag below, for $30. It is exactly the same leather as the tougher durable black version of this bag. Every marking, rivet, label and detail is 100%. From personal experience of the leather and model, I would say that it was genuine. Except for one thing. The clasps on the straps are different. My own PS1 and all the others I have seen have straps that clip on. This bag has buckles. It COULD be an early prototype, but in Sweden I doubt it. For that reason, it is probably a very well-made fake. Meaning I could donate it back to charity or give it to someone but not sell it. I used it extensively for three years before covid hit and it wears like iron. Even the lining has really taken a battering and come up smiling. If it is a fake, it is a really good one, which is surprising, because I am not sure how widely these bags were faked, and fakes are normally not very good quality.

Right now I am not using big handbags anymore. I use a small bag and a backpack if I need to carry bigger things, due to my back and shoulders giving out after so many years of carrying teaching materials around all day. But if I do, this will be the one I use. I really really love it.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I will take it over Janet and be proud to use it for work. I love the bag and the colour is striking. I am in Canada. You have my postal address. Using it will remind me of you. I am travelling home to SA end of June. Would love this great bag for travelling home. Would be ideal. Anne

    1. Hello Anne! Am not planning on selling it at the moment but if and when I do, I will let you know. It is the perfect size for a travelling bag.

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