Stacked some discounts to buy real bargains today!

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how I seldom pay full price for anything. I buy jewellery at pawnbrokers, estate auctions, and thrift shops. I buy more expensive clothes on sales or at consignment shops. And I stack discounts to buy pricey beauty brands for less.

This week I managed to stack several discounts to grab myself some beauty bargains.

I was soon going to need a new bottle of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser. I have used it for years, particularly when the weather is warm or hot. One application when my skin is oiler, and a couple of applications when it is drier.

Step 1 – I had a bonus check for 50kr. ($5) I try to join membership clubs of department stores and chain stores where I shop regularly. They are usually valid for a year so I can save them up for big purchases.

Step 2 – the department store where I had my bonus also had a store-wide offer – just for the day – of 20% off all beauty products

Step 3 – the Clinique counter had an offer where, if you bought two products for a total of 500kr ($50) you received a full-sized overnight Moisture Surge mask (worth 400kr/$40)  as a gift with purchase. This mask is a product I use as a night cream when my skin is dry, so it was a win-win for me.

Step 4 – the department store was giving away a free goodie bag with every purchase of 700kr. I already use and like 6 of the 8 products in the goodie bag. The other two will be fun to try.

So I added a Clinique hand cream to my purchase and received a total of 20% off the entire order, 50kr off via the bonus voucher, a free full-sized mask worth 400kr, and a goodie bag worth about 500kr/$50. I was well-chuffed!

I love these two products from Clinique. I always use them up.
To the right is the Clinique GWP (gift with purchase), a full-sized Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. I use this as a night cream when my skin is dry.
Here is the GWP from the department store – a Clinique mascara and with two blusher compacts, a full size Body Shop Love and Plums Body Scrub, MyClarins eye depuffer, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, and two sachets of Lancome Moisturiser
I was thrilled with this item. I remember saving up for months to buy this when I still lived in South Africa. It is a cult product but I have never bought it since because of the price.
Also part of the GWP was this lovely canvas Lacoste toiletry bag


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