Well-worn vintage Van Der Spek binder

This binder was already well-used when it was gifted to me by the man who made it all those years ago – René Van Der Spek.

I love how battered it is. The texture is amazing, and the character it has gained through all the bumps and scuffs and marks is just beautiful. Every stitch is still perfect, the rings are tightly secured and have no gaps. Under the strap you can see how light and smooth the leather was when the planner was made. I think the battered part is even more beautiful.

At the moment I am using this brand new undyed Janet Leather Codex cover to hold my Hobonichi Mega Weeks. This I use for scheduling my sales, auctions, and investments. Every couple of years I do a big declutter of jewellery, clothes, binders and then I invest the money, or use it to buy other things.

This cover is pristine, and has just received its first mark. So it has started its long journey to becoming like the binder above. It’s not always a smooth road. The teenage years of an undyed cover are not pretty – it is between pristine and battered, but is neither the one nor the other. It has marks, scuffs, pen marks, and stains on it that have not yet blended into the patina and formed character of the binder. It looks like a teenager growing into their adult form. If you are patient, everything will settle down and your binder will turn into one of those that  people love and aim for.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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