Ancient ingenuity

Roman gold ring with a chrome chalcedony bust of Minerva, ca. 1st century CE
3400 year old painter’s palette from ancient Egypt, Amenhotep III era.


Incan Wall, a fine example of master Stonemasonry. Cuzco, 1400’s.


An early example of a successful cranioplasty (Peru, ca. 400 CE). The patient survived, as evidenced by the well-healed in situ cranioplasty made from a gold inlay.


The Cantalloc Aqueducts are a work of hydraulic engineering built in the middle of the desert by the ancient Nazca culture (200-700 AD). They are located 4 km. north of Nazca, Peru. Of the 46 underground aqueducts found, 32 are still in operation today.



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