Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Yes love fruit cake and mince pies and Christmas pudding.. no wonder I find it hard to keep my weight down!

  2. I love fruit cake, AND mince pie. With the fruit cake I sometimes give it a schmeer butter or peanut butter, and once in a with a real NYC schmeer of. cream cheese. Hey, as the admonition goes, “if you haven’t
    t tried it, don’t knock it”. As for the mince pie, it was always a Christmas staple in our house, and it just carried over. I also love Irish soda bread around St. Patrick’s day. Without varying tastes, what a boring culinary world it would be.

  3. If a fruit cake is dry and tasteless it hasn’t been made properly. The cake in your photo looks more like a block of suet designed to be put out for the birds. My dad used to make our Christmas/birthday fruit cakes and they were legendary. I don’t have the knack myself, though I did a halfway decent job last year. And glacé cherries? If you make your own cake you don’t have to add them (the same goes for those who detest the candied peel which is included in mixed fruit packs).

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