I am such a sucker


Vaseline saw me coming with this one. I am a sucker for limited editions, and retro packaging. This was both, so I bought it, even though I did not need hand cream! Thanks to the drying effect of constantly washing and disinfecting our hands these past two years, I have a plethora of hand moisturisers at my disposal. But still this fell into my basket.

I originally bought Carmex in a tub because of the Retro packaging and cult status. Possibly also because the product originated in 1930, and is still a family company. I like the yellow and red colours too. Easy to find in your bag and looks very fifties!

I have recently been using Carmex in stick form, because I am not a fan of sticking my finger into products.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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