Mälaren runt

On Saturday we went on our annual motorbike rally around Lake Mälaren in the Stockholm area.

2019 was the last ‘normal’ rally. Meaning that about 20 000 people took part, there was an official group start, about five refreshment points, and an official end. We were in the official photographs for that one, on our old bike.

2020’s event was cancelled but we did an informal ride with a couple of hundred other bikers. We went round the lake and had coffee and sandwiches with us, which we ate and drank at the traditional stops. The weather was spectacular.

This year the event was on again, but with a rolling start in order to prevent everyone arriving at the refreshment stops at the same time. There were so many gorgeous motorbikes and it was such a lovely atmosphere, as usual.

The new helmets were a great success.

One of the places we stopped had a beautiful church, and inside was this glorious Viking runestone

These are always pretty sedate affairs. Everyone is dressed for safety, the average age is about 55, there are dogs and kids, people sit by the side of the road to watch and wave as the bikes go past. There are some absolutely beautiful machines – my favourite ones are the very old restored ones. The atmosphere is always fantastic.

Here are some photographs by Daniel Brace of Braceiller Productions. He is a wonderful man and always takes beautiful photographs of this event.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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