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  1. Welcome to the cute Harley!

    I have also welcomed a new kitten three days ago, an other ragdoll. But my current concern is that my five-year-old cat keeps hissing when she hears the new comer so I’ve got to keep them in separate rooms. Would you have any tips to make them meet the best way?

    1. What I usually do is create a safe space for the newcomer (eg food, a sandbox and a pillow under a bed or desk) and then let them get on with it. I watch out for aggression etc but there is usually just some hissing and then they get used to each other. As soon as the kitten loses its foreign smell, things get better. That first night of hissing is usually the worst. Good luck Nathalie and let me know how you get on!

      1. Thank you for the tip, Janet.
        The vet advised me to keep the kitten in separate rooms with food, toys, sandbox etc for about two weeks so the other cat ends up getting used to the kitten smell.
        I’ve only been on day five so let’s hope I’ll be able to open the doors and let them meet by the end of the two weeks.
        I know it’s a lot to take in for my five year old cat. We’ve had to move to an apartment from a house (the cat would spend her days in and out) on the 10th July. Then the kitten arrived on the 15th. Cats love their routine and need time to get used to new ones.
        I hope things settle down for the best quickly. I’ll let you know about it!

      2. Yes please keep me posted! It’s very common to keep the new cat and the old cat in separate rooms so your vet gave you great advice. It’s been an easier process for me because all my cats are rescues and have been in several homes and different cages before they end up with me. They are generally used to other cats by the time they get here. It’s pretty sad for them to have had such upheaval but it makes settling in easier.

  2. He is such a cutie!!! Looking forward to seeing him with his brothers and sister!

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