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Sometimes calendar days are a bit messy. I have lots of squiggles, lines and small annotations. Every night I sit down and plan the following day. If the day is a bit of a mess, I rewrite the times at the bottoms of the days, as you can see for Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th. This is so I have a quick overview of my day. If the day is extremely messy, right into the evening, I put a large sticky note over the day and rewrite it.

I ordered some stationery a few weeks ago. Nothing urgent, but it was delayed to to the pandemic. As a token of apology I received some candy, a pen and these lovely sticky notes. I had used them before but battled to find them again.

These sticky notes are in the chronodex/spiraldex format, so you can look at the sticky notes as a clock and write notes in the small grids.


Of course you could do it in more detail and more neatly than I did, but it works perfectly if you have learned to tell time on a clock. Our minds tend to be used to both diary format and clock format, so it is a small leap to get used to, if you picture time in this way.  I only work from 7 to 18.15 but you could use the different levels of the clock to make it a 24 hour clock as in Patrick Ng’s Chronodex below.



Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Being a member of the Filofaxy group on FB I discovered the Chronodex system many years ago. I tried to use it but found it quite confusing. I then tried the Spitaldex system and I can say it has changed my system of planning. I absolutely love it! So much so that I have gradually stopped using regular printed diary pages and only use the spiraldex stamp that I have been custom made on Etsy. I stamp note pages and use the bottom of the page for notes. That is my one day on a page system. For the weekends I stamp the two days on the same page. I use a pocket size planner. On a personal or a6 planner you can easily stamp 2 or 3 spirals on a page and still have the possibility to write notes. It all depends on the size of the spiral, of course.

    I find that system much more clear and also cheaper than a regular diary that can become messy especially if you need to write notes.

      1. Have you tried the Chronodex/spiraldex system? It took me about a week to master it as I had the feeling I would get lost in the spiral and that the time slot wouldn’t be precise enough.
        But once I could do it properly, it was such a change of planning life for me! I find it much more efficient than a regular planner and as I am a visual person I find it clearer and more precise.
        I can only advise you to try it and you’ll be amazed.

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