Working from home — year two

As I write this, I have been working from home for a year. Initially I was told we would be back on site after Easter, then by summer, then after summer, then by Christmas. After that no one even tried to make predictions any longer.

  • In the beginning I wore makeup, jewellery and my usual clothes. My hair was loose.
  • After a while I wore makeup, jewellery, and my usual clothes on the top half. On the bottom half I wore tracksuit pants, and my hair was in a bun.
  • After that I wore lipstick, a bun, and a plain black t shirt with jewellery. I dyed my brows and lashes.
  • Now I wear no makeup at all. My brows and lashes are not dyed. I wear a plain black t shirt and no jewellery except my wedding and engagement rings, and studs in my ears. My hair is in a bun and I have dark roots. I am very pale.

And on my screen I have seen the same development in the people I meet in cyberspace. I see hoodies, makeup-less faces, messy buns. I also see the same tiredness and hopelessness in their faces as I see in mine.

And how to celebrate this dubious anniversary?

On the plus side I have:

  • not had to buy monthly travel cards each month, saving $100 per month
  • not bought my almost- daily latte ($4 four days a week)
  • been able to sleep an hour longer each morning
  • have not bought any clothes for a year
  • had way fewer clothes – especially socks – to wash
  • been able to schedule meetings closer together as I no longer have to get from place to place
  • not had to buy makeup remover or makeup in over a year

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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