Italian merino wool sweaters

This has been my absolute favourite clothing item this winter. I have two – one in green with birds on it, and one in red with pawprints on it. I have worn them almost every single day since I got them. They are perfect for cosy digital teaching and lunch time walks.

This glorious sweater is made in soft, high-quality Italian merino wool, with long sleeves, lined pockets and thumb-holes. It has an elongated back and a turtleneck with a zipper. There is both a straight and a fitted model. Mine are fitted, but not tight. Sizing is large so I wear a small comfortably. They wash beautifully.

I was tipped off to them by a dog-owning client who bought one for walking her dog. She was wearing it one day during a lesson and I admired it. She tipped me off to a local business owner who was selling them for a third of the price. All the flea markets and expos she usually went to were cancelled so she was happy to find someone to take her stock off her hands.

I usually wear cardigans or zippered tops as I hate taking things off over my head. But this is no trouble at all. It is lovely and warm but also not too hot. Being wool, they don’t seem to need washing as often as my other winter tops.

If anyone is interested (particularly in the Nordic countries), let me know and I can give you the seller’s details. I am not making money on it or anything. I am just an ecstatic paying customer and hopefully I can help someone out during the pandemic.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. Hello there – I will email you her details. I am sure she has some left, because I had quite a selection to choose from. I still wear them every day in the winter.

  1. The red looks great on you – good choice! The green one looks wonderful too! Too bad I’m not located in a Nordic country ’cause I would’ve loved to snag a few.

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