Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I dunno, but I think your alter-ego RockerChick can totally rock the Quarantine Pants. Just throw on your black leather Moto Jacket, black leather Doc Martin lace-up combat boots, and finish off with assorted sterling silver doodads on your wrists and ears. Totally Janet!

    Zalando shoe – looks like the stiletto heel impaled the poor unsuspecting Tribble who was just minding his own business toodling around downtown. RIP Tribble – you were such a warm and sweet furball.

    John Henric – no words. Just. No. Words. Except maybe: Nice package ya got there, Big Boy.

    Wish Donut Jogger – does this pants make my butt look big? I mean extra extra big??

    Wish Pet Dog Sweater – finally I can buy something for my mini/toy chihuahua-dachsund mix FuFuFiFi. She will look quite lovely showing off her to-die-for outfit at her next cocktail mixer.

    Crapping Cats Calendar – ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I love cats, but this is a fail, a big fat NO. WTH is wrong with the person who came up with this? One day he was on the throne producing a deuce (or two or three), the lightbulb went on, and decided that he’ll sell calendars with crapping cats and become a millionaire? What a tool.

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