The Superior Labor

The Superior Labor is another brand I love. It has a very rustic, utilitarian aesthetic that reminds me of Traveler’s Company, but with a wider range of products. They have stunning leather and canvas handbags, quality leather notebook covers that fit several types of notebooks, ring organisers, and – my favourite – many different kinds of coin pouches. There are tan, black and brown leathers, but also some of the most spectacular colours I have seen, like bright teal, orange and acid lime. There is pebbly leather, woven leather, smooth leather, shiny leather…

Find The Superior Labor here and here (US), as well as here (Europe)


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Thank you for exposing us to well-crafted items such as these. Craftsmanship is a lost art, but it’s good to know that companies such as The Superior Labor exist. The Coach Leather company was like this when they first started out, but it seems that over time the quality has gone downhill because they got too big for their britches. I have a feeling that The Superior Labor company will not go the way of Coach because they will not sacrifice quality for quantity.

    I would love to own something from this company, but it’s too rich for my blood – bleh!

      1. It’s sad, really. I guess the $$$$ in their eyes are more important than their own name or reputation…

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