Unusual Irish jewellery by Claddagh Design

My first Claddagh ring is really really old. The second one is about 20 years old. Both of them are heavy 18ct men’s rings in the traditional style, made in Ireland, and given to me by Irish family. Both of them will pass on to my beloved daughter.

The traditional claddagh is very overdone in tourist shops in Ireland though. By the time you have been in Ireland for a few hours you have seen so much cheap claddagh and celtic knot tat that you want to scream.

So it is really nice to see an Irish designer put a new spin on an ancient design. Kerry-born Eileen Moylan operates from a workshop in the south of Ireland Ireland and she remakes historic symbols in new ways for her company, Claddagh Design. I have followed Eileen on Instagram for quite some time and I love that she gives background to each of her items.

She works in silver, gold, platinum and palladium.

Look at these gorgeous pieces of jewellery!

Author: Janet Carr

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