More reversible rings

Remember my post about reversible rings? Well, I have been finding them here and there since I wrote that article. Mostly at estate and pawn shop auctions – Kaplans being my favourite. There are also several sellers on eBay that sell very affordable ones.

What I like about these rings is that they are not particularly bulky, yet each one is like having two different rings instead of just one. Some of them have different coloured stones in the same style on each side, others have a completely different style on each side – for example one side a solitaire and the other a cluster. There are some reversible eternity rings out there too. And some rings have a stone that flips instead of double bands.

You can find them at price ranges from very cheap (AliExpress, Wish) to really expensive.

Look at these! The first one is my favourite as the ring setting is rather shallow on the finger.


This one has a sapphire on one side and a ruby on the other.

This one has two hearts on the other side








And this is one I have featured before, with a different style on each side.

and considering their dual functionality, not too bulky.

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