Elephant and lion photos from posterlounge.com

Our first order from Posterlounge arrived yesterday. These are wood prints and they are gorgeous. I love seeing the grain of the wood through the image, and they are very very light even though they are large.

There was some delay due to COVID-19, which was very well explained upon purchase. Once the pictures left Posterlounge it went very quickly and they were delivered to our door so no lugging necessary. The postal service had had fun with the outer packaging which was battered, but they were so well wrapped and padded that the paintings were safe. I wish more online retailers realised the importance of good packaging and padding.

Because they were ready to hang, we could put them up immediately!

You can see from the number of pillows (mismatched because laundry day is on Sunday ha ha) how wide the bed is (210cm), so we needed to find large pictures that were not too enormous. These were perfect.

Look at the detail on these pictures! When you buy them, you can usually see who the artist is. The lion is by Manuela Kulpa.

The site offers great sizing help and explanations of the different mounting options, which is good for people like myself who do not have a clue. They also do posters and wall stickers. I have two canvas pictures on the way so when they come I will compare them. I am also interested in how gallery prints look so if anyone has any or buys any, please let me know.

Inside the parcel was a voucher for a discount on a further purchase. I am definitely going to be making one!

Author: Janet Carr

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