My hectic months – update!

I wrote a while back that I had a pretty hectic schedule coming up.

We are somewhat through some of it but with the busiest time yet to come. Our weekend trip to Dublin went pretty well. For that one I just had a list of what we wanted to do, and we did everything on the list. I like Boots Shaper yoghurt and blueberry snack bars but I waited until we were at the airport on the way back and bought in bulk!

My student groups are all up and running now. I have learned the students’ names and the venues and am used to the timing. Some start at 12.45, others at 13.30 so it is easier now to remember them. People have moved around between groups so the levels have stabilised now.

The hardest part was my apartment. We had to give notice to the tenant, renovate it (a huge job) while the tenant was living there, style it, photograph it, list it and sell it. I found qualified people who could renovate it at short notice but it took longer than anticipated and cost a lot more – as renovations always do – and so there was no time for styling. The work was finished a matter of hours before the photographer arrived. But it did not look too bad for the photographs because the tenant has good taste in furnishings and the sun was shining!

The way I did this part in my planner was to have colour coded highlighting – yellow for renovations, purple for styling, photographing and showing. When it comes to my teaching, pink is the parliament and blue is the government.

Luckily we never got to the showing part because 20 people were interested in buying as soon as the apartment was listed. Bidding ended four days before the showing would have been. We signed the papers and so the next step is planning the moving, which will be quite a mission because we are moving from three places.

To make ourselves feel better, we walked by our new apartment yesterday

We have also bought some of our new furniture (including a bed that is 210cm wide so that the two of us and the two cats can all spread out), booked our movers, and are now hoping that the changes due to COVID-19 does not cause too much upheaval. I think many of my classes will be cancelled and maybe the school I work for will be closed, but none of that can be planned in advance.

For the actual countdown before the move I have a list from the real estate broker which I am going to paste into my calendar so I know when to change addresses, switch utilities, book movers etc.

Will keep you updated!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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