A5 Codex in dark brown Van Der Spek Janet Leather (JL)

The story of Janet Leather (aka JL)  is fairly well-known within Van Der Spek circles. I discovered the first hide of JL packed far away on a shelf and asked if I could have a binder made with it. Initially Petra was not convinced because the hide was worn and scarred but I was in love.

Since then, JL has become a best-selling leather and is available in loads of different colours.

I have an A5 Codex in Red Janet Leather, an undyed Janet Leather A5 Nomad, and several items in JL in the original colour.

I had been hankering after black JL for a while, but when I visited Van Der Spek with Steve in October, I fell in love with JL Dark Brown. It is now my favourite of all the J leathers.

My first glimpse of JL dark brown

Choosing what part of the hide I would like for my cover

Look at those pebbles!

After being cut

Look at it! Longer clasp, three poppers, slip pockets front and back, undyed stitching

A logo. These are only placed on special editions so I was really spoiled with this.

Square corners

I use a pencil board under Tomoe River paper because, as a leftie, I press pretty hard when I write. This is a laminated print by one of my favourite Swedish artists.

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  1. This is a beautiful planner! I would love to see how it ages, as I am considering an A5 codex in this leather myself. Thank you for sharing it! 🙏 🙂


  2. designs look stylish and high quality.

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  3. Gorgeous planner… but who is this fab Swedish artist you mentioned?!

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