What a beautiful traveler’s notebook!

One of my favourite Etsy shops of all time is Well Known Vintage, owned by Kevin Porcel. His items are perfectly curated and reasonably priced, plus he is situated in France, so items get to me in two or three days with no customs charges. Kevin also always offers extra photographs of items if you wish, and answers all questions really quickly. Believe me I have asked him many!

I have recently bought the following two items from him. A vintage Celine Macadam pouch (I love vintage Celine), and an Yves Saint Laurent notebook and cover.

We got to chatting and I found out that Kevin uses a traveler’s notebook. He carries it everywhere, travels all over with it and it is well-used and full of memories. I think it is one of the most beautiful TN’s I have ever seen. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love seeing well-loved items that are battered and marked by life.




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  1. Amazing! Please thank Kevin for sharing.

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  2. What an amazing notebook! I’m off to nose at Kevin’s Etsy shop now …



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