Small slices of happiness

For me it is

  • a good book
  • a nice cup of tea
  • a cat on my lap
  • hugs
  • a gorgeous sunny day
  • being inside and cosy when it rains
  • a really good night’s sleep
  • my favourite tv show

I firmly believe that very few people have ever had a totally happy life. In most people’s lives there are moments of happiness. And when added together, all those separate happy moments add up to a happy life. We appreciate happy moments if when we have been through bad times. I know I appreciate feeling no pain after a period where something hurts badly. I appreciate being healthy after a period of being ill. I appreciate sunshine more after a period of rain. I appreciate silence more after a period of noise. And I appreciate my happy moments more after a life interspersed with hard moments.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

2 thoughts

  1. At times of dealing with depression or just hard times,I will make lists of things that “suck” or “don’t suck” (aren’t good or are good). A few examples :
    “driving in traffic/rude drivers” vs “having a car”
    “cleaning the house” vs “having a home to clean”
    “getting a sunburn” vs “the sun shining”
    The list can go on and on. Doing this from time to time reminds me how much there is to be thankful for even during hard times.

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