Galen leather Tomoe River notebooks

My love of Tomoe River paper is well-known – see previous posts here. I love it because it is thin and light (half the weight and thickness of regular paper), so less bulky and heavy to carry around. I also love the way it crinkles!

One of my favourite leather shops, Galen Leather, recently came out with Tomoe River notebooks, which they sell in packs of three. They come with a blotter and grid and lined guides. The price is good, but what I really love is the little zippered bag that comes with them.

I have not tried them but if they are like Galen’s other products, they will be top notch. My green and purple Galen leather TN covers remain some of my favourites. The green, in particular, is sublime.


I was also so terribly sorry to hear about the death of Zeynep, who started Galen leather. She was wonderful to deal with and absolutely adored her family. Her brother, Yusuf and her husband, Yunus have continued to run the company after her passing, so she and her love for her products and her customers and family, will live on in the amazing company she created. My deepest condolences to her family on their loss. You can read her touching story here.

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