How a Secret Wood Ring is made

I love Secret Wood rings! I have written several blog posts about them, which you can read here.

I am so thrilled with my Secret Wood ring, which I have had since 2017. I have worn it a lot and it looks as good as new. I try to keep it away from water and handcream etc but other than that I don’t ‘baby’ it in any way.

Secret Wood has, and has had bracelets, pendants, nightlights, limited editions, and their website is still one of the best I have ever seen. Some examples are below.

As always, I am a regular customer who pays the normal prices for things I feature on my website. It is very seldom I receive a review copy, but when I do I always state that clearly in my post. I generally buy something and then do a blog post on it, so the shop doesn’t know I am a blogger until afterwards.

Author: Janet Carr

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