A5 Van Der Spek Nomad TN cover in undyed Janet Leather

I began discussing a new A5 Nomad cover with Petra just before Christmas. Here are my designs – scribbled very quickly on a piece of paper.


I chose undyed leather as a first choice, with black Janet Leather as a second choice. Petra (our beloved Superwoman) told me that she would be ordering undyed Janet leather and she thought it would be perfect for me, if I didn’t mind waiting. So, of course, I waited.

It arrived today – two days after it was posted. So I had to do an immediate blog post!

As always, in a lovely Van Der Spek box. I really like the design
Nestled in tissue paper. It was in a plastic bag but I took it out for the photograph
With a separate piece of leather I will store in darkness and not use, so that I can document the ageing process.
This leather feels SO SOFT! A5 size, square corners, long clasp, front slip pocket
Back slip pocket. White stitching
Slip pockets front and back, long clasp, three poppers, full length wallet pocket (meaning no elastic holes showing on the outside
8 elastics, 2 pen loops and plenty of pockets, both slip and secretarial
Full length back wallet pocket lined in dark brown faux leather.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Would absolutely love to see how this has worked whilst in use – could you possibly review the features you chose, similar to your post of the JLRed codex?

  2. Just saw this – very beautifully designed and made! Please share again when you move into it. I’m curious how you will set it up . Thank you!

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