Silicone Face Mask covers


One of my worst traits is that I can never sit still or just do one thing at a time. The only exception is when I am working. Then I am 100% focused on my client. The rest of the time I usually do several things at once.

So I like facemasks that you stroke onto your skin and leave. You can then do something else while the mask does its work. I just cannot lie down waiting for the magic to happen.

So when sheet masks became very popular I did not use them very often, because if you stand up they fall off. They do work very well though. I have used the Astalift ones for about 5 years, and also really like Oozoo In Shot Premium Black Energy Mask. They give you a good dose of serum. But I put off using them because I knew I would have to sit still for a good chunk of time.

Lately though I have been using a silicone sheet mask cover which works really really well. It is a silicone mask that you put over your sheet mask to keep it in place. You can then carry on with your life as usual. It is actually very comfortable. The photo above looks extremely uncomfortable over the ears but I have not found that at all.

I bought mine at a local store but you can find them most places that sell sheet masks.


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  1. I love masks and I have one twice a week. I usually keep them on for a good 45mn. I am lucky enough to be able to work at my desk translating while the mask works it’s wonders. I have never had one fall on my papers while writing so I am happy being able to combine work and beauty time!

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