My Filofax Baroque and Traveler’s Notebook are travelling to Africa today

My Filofax Black Baroque in personal size will be travelling many kilometres and seeing many things in the coming three weeks.

Tomorrow night I fly to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and the next day I will fly further to Cape Town. After that we will drive down South Africa’s Garden Route to Grahamstown, where I will celebrate my birthday with my family. This is the first time I have been to South Africa and seen my family in seven years so it is a big trip.

We have a wonderful live-in cat sitter staying with the cats so I feel awful about leaving them, but not worried about their wellbeing.

In it I have

  • my schedule for autumn because bookings will be coming in while I am in Africa
  • to do lists for these (busy!) last days in Sweden, my time in South Africa and also lists for when I get back
  • lists of what presents I have for each person. I tend to buy little things throughout the year and forget what I have bought for each person
  • sleeves for receipts, tickets and the bits of paper I collect when I travel

And for my travel journal I am taking my Elrohir Leather Field Notes size seagrass traveler’s notebook. It is a nice size (small and light) but is very thick and durable leather. It also has internal pockets which gives me place to tuck things.

The leather is really nice and thick and stiff, which I love. I know there are lots of people who really like floppy leather, but I am not one of them. I like leather to start out really stiff and then soften and shape itself to my inserts as I use it.

The interior pockets of this cover remain in their natural shape which gives the cover an even more organic feel.

The colours are rich and the leather is just a perfect canvas for them. The embossing is perfect and the fact that it carries over to the interior pockets is just the cherry on the top.

The insert booklets are super-duper too. The booklets are all fat, and the paper is divine. The colours of the paper match the theme of the book.

I am going to write down notes, stick in tickets and ephemera from the trip.

Four green insert booklets (also from Elrohir Leather) and a kraft folder with pockets and space to store things.



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  1. Have a fabulous trip—you deserve it! I know you’ll bring back lots of great memories. Enjoy every minute-we’ll be here waiting to hear about it. Safe journey, dear Janet!

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  2. Have a wonderful time-you deserve it! I know you’ll bring back lots of great memories. Enjoy every minute-we’ll be here waiting to hear about it❤️

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  3. Safe journey. And have a fabulous time. Looking forward to seeing the pix.

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  4. Have a wonderful trip!!!:)

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  5. Wishing you a wonderful safe journey home to South Africa!!

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  6. I have a traveler’s notebook from the same place with the Little Prince painted on it and I love it.
    I’m curious, is this planner squishy? I like squishy planners LOL And even stiff leather can sometimes have this quality.

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  7. Bon voyage, Janet. Safe travels!

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