Port Elizabeth in the 1960s and 1970s

  1. 3-cent bus tickets
  2. ‘AC Kermans’ and as teenagers we used to be embarrassed to go in!
  3. Airline bags to carry your books in
  4. Annuals
  5. Autograph books
  6. Bay City Rollers
  7. Beano
  8. Bessie Bunter
  9. Bioscope
  10. BM Cotton
  11. Body Fashions
  12. Book Exchanges
  13. Bonanza (especially Little Joe)
  14. Braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet – the advert
  15. Cadbury’s Kiddies Club at the movies
  16. Cake mascara
  17. Carlos coffee shop (forbidden to HRC girls but oh so attractive)
  18. Cassette tape decks
  19. Charles of the Ritz beauty products
  20. Ché jeans and tops
  21. Cheesecloth
  22. Chopper bicycles
  23. Collecting the insides of cold drink bottom lids and filling albums with them
  24. Colleen coloured pencils
  25. Coppertone QT QuikTan
  26. Coppertone suntan lotion
  27. Crocodiles
  28. Curly Wurlies
  29. Cuthberts on Main Street
  30. Dallas
  31. Darling magazine
  32. David Bowie
  33. David Cassidy
  34. David Essex
  35. David Gresham
  36. Dingbats
  37. Donny Osmond
  38. Dr White’s Sanitary Belts
  39. Elastic games in the playground
  40. Espadrilles
  41. Fingerlik Steak House
  42. Galoobs
  43. Gap
  44. Garlicks and the way the perfume hall smelled
  45. Getting your first bra at Body Fashions in Newton Park
  46. Glooks
  47. Goya Aqua Manda perfume
  48. Grannies with blue rinses
  49. Grease sandals
  50. Greatermans
  51. Greatermans’ Rose Room
  52. Groovy cooldrink
  53. Hamburger Hut
  54. Heatherbank
  55. Heatherbank Discos
  56. Hifra fountain pens
  57. Home made sherbert at school cake sales
  58. Iodine
  59. Jackie magazine
  60. Jet Jungle on the radio
  61. June magazine
  62. Knickerbockers
  63. Kolnicks
  64. Le Sabot leather sandals with wooden platforms
  65. Life Magazine
  66. Louise photo comics
  67. Lucky dips
  68. Maths tins as pencil cases with pictures tapes onto them
  69. Men from the Ministry on the radio
  70. Mercurochrome
  71. Michael’s record bar
  72. My Fair Lady Talc by Cussons
  73. Nail Polish called Copper Penny
  74. Naturama
  75. Nick Nack Knockers
  76. On The Go Show
  77. Pantie and hemline inspections at HRC
  78. Paper Dolls
  79. Personality magazine
  80. Photo comics like Louise
  81. Pikkies
  82. Pink magazine
  83. Pip Freedman
  84. Popshop
  85. Princess Tina magazine
  86. Purdy from The Avengers
  87. Rabbitt
  88. Rainbow skates
  89. Roll O’ Gloss lipgloss
  90. Sanitary towels with loops
  91. Sarah Moon paintings
  92. Saucy Cat boutique at OK Bazaars
  93. Scope magazine
  94. Screwball icecreams with bubble gum at the bottom
  95. See magazine
  96. Shane
  97. Shelly Shop
  98. Shipwreck in gym class
  99. Skipping games
  100. Spectrum
  101. Springbok Hits
  102. Sister Bernard at HRC
  103. String games on hands
  104. Sugarbush
  105. Sylvia’s mother by Dr Hook (my mother hated that song)
  106. Squad cars (they prowl the empty streets at night, in cars and on foot. These are the men of….Squad Cars!)
  107. T Rex
  108. Tammy magazine
  109. Teddy Bear annuals
  110. Tennisette
  111. The 55 bus on the way home
  112. The flood of 1968
  113. The clipcard for the bus
  114. The ice rink
  115. The lift operator at OK Bazaars
  116. The Mutual Arcade
  117. The old roneo machine the nuns used to use to make copies. And how they smelled.
  118. The periscope on the double decker buses
  119. The Pick n Mix carousel at OK Bazaars in main street
  120. The smell of furniture polish on the last day of the school term
  121. The Stage Door
  122. The Sugarbush
  123. The Sweet
  124. The Tempting Tray at OK Bazaars
  125. The thrill of getting into over-18 movies
  126.  The TV test pattern
  127. Thick multicoloured slip slops in blue or brown
  128. Toff O Luxe
  129. Tramp perfume by L’Entheric
  130. Two hours of TV a day
  131. Up and Down the Stairs Boutique
  132. Using baby oil or Brylcreem as tanning lotion
  133. Waffles at Greatermans
  134. Waiting for the bus in Russell Road
  135. Valderma and Clearasil
  136. Wearing hats to school
  137. Viewmaster
  138. Village Gate




Any more to add?








Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

33 thoughts

  1. Chappies bubble gum with the message inside the wrapper.
    Milky Lane.
    Donkin Reserve and ‘Carrots’ feeding the birds.

    HRC 1965.. I’ve lost contact with pretty much all of the girls who were at school with me. I worked at the Fingerlik (first steakhouse in PE) and received R1 in wages per night. Sister Servatius was my piano teacher and Sist Unwin the principal (I think?). We moved to South Australia in 2010 but I still miss PE and can drive around it in my mind taking short cuts, with no problem!
    Lyn Dickason (Sullivan)
    A shout out to all old HRC 1960s pupils.

    1. Fingerlik was the first restaurant I ever ate at! We lived in Central (Oklahoma flats) before moving to the suburbs, but I went to HRC for 12 years (mid 1968 to 1979)

  2. Does anyone remember ‘Michael’s Record Centre’? I worked in the Newton Park branch in the early 70s…

  3. Stumbled across your post now…such amazing memories. You missed Happy Valley and the PE Show on your list…lol

  4. I just stumbled across this post of yours… wow you have reminded me of so many awesome memories. I still live in Port Elizabeth and I still love this city (town?) so much. Yes, a lot has changed and yes a lot of it is crappy… but I stil love it. Xxx sending love from little old PE.

  5. Simply amazing. What a lovely trip through time back to a childhood of innocence and wonder. I am living the USA, since the 80’s. Visit family most years, and am feeling nostalgic and am looking for ways to spend more time when I visit. Can you remind me what the ‘cool’ record store was called just off main street, a side street. My first album was the Moody Blues, bought that there, and then went to the Tempting Tray OK for lunch with my grandmother. WOW. Thanks again a lovely contribution. Best, Richard

  6. what a nice site, thanks, I was looking for a picture of the white tractor and trailer , milk , guava and orange juice home delivery, tokens in glass bottles in the 70/80’s , grew up in Port Elizabeth, Algoa Park, want to show my daughter, we were so fortunate to grow up like that, also the guy that came every Saturday with his little truck through the streets selling fruits and veggies, and the best was Coca Cola came every year with their big truck and trailer full of the small glass little cooldrink bottles, parked on our school field and we can help ourselves to as much pop as we want !

  7. Well done Janet and thank you. I emigrated to SA in January 1970, when I arrived at EH Walton Military Road, PE, I was told that the Director who had offered me a position had left the company and there were no longer any vacancies. I managed to persuade the new Director to give me a job.
    I spent two years in PE, enjoying the windy sunshine in the Friendly City.
    I went on to work in East London and Johannesburg before traveling the world and building a successful career, eventually becoming the Chairman and CEO of a large international company. I regarded my period in PE as an important starting point. The products you captured in your photos may seem dated to 2020 eyes, but for us they were ground-breaking and provided us with enjoyment and fun, without the need to be glued to a mobile phone.
    Best Wishes

  8. An amazing, amazing list – and wonderful pics! Brought back such OLD, dear memories of my past and childhood! Loved it all!

  9. Omw I remember it all so well. So enjoyed your post, thanks. I matriculated at HRC in 1974. Was back in PE 2 weeks ago and the decay of HRC is so sad.

      1. Omw I remember it all so well. So enjoyed your post, thanks. I matriculated at HRC in 1974. Was back in PE 2 weeks ago and the decay of HRC is so sad.

  10. Dear Janet,
    Thank you so much for the memories. Just yesterday I was discussing pretty much all of the above.
    Shakir Smith
    St Augustines,Clarendon Park and Victoria Park High were the schools I attended.
    I remember the 2c bus rides 😊
    Is Janet Carr your maiden surname

  11. Dear Janet,
    Thank you so much for the memories. Just yesterday I was discussing pretty much all of the above.
    Shakir Smith
    St Augustines,Clarendon Park and Victoria Park High were the schools I attended.
    I remember the 2c bus rides 😊

  12. OMG! Did you have Tiger Beat magazine in South Africa? With Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, etc. on the covers every month! Herbal Essence is making a comeback here in the state with a new tv commercial using the old bottle from old advertising and then transforming into the new bottle!

  13. VIEW MASTER watching slides

  14. Not a lot different to England then. The phots are wonderful Janet and they have stirred so many happy, innocent memories. Now, I might be very thick, but why the embarrassment in going into AC Kermans? Am I missing something very obvious?

      1. Having a pie and gravy at the inhouse restaurant at OK Bazaars sticks in my memory. Then Wimpy moved in there.

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