Using a ring organiser to manage a project – Part 4

Hi All! I’m back today with my fourth post for The Management Project! This one is more about my new found love for the A5 size binders!

The Siena is beautiful. I really just can’t get over it. It has been a joy to use these past few weeks. The leather smell that somehow has faded from my Malden is still there in the Siena and the softness makes it an absolute pleasure to hold. But the thing that has surprised me more than anything else is how much I’ve loved to use the A5 size.

I’ve always been a personal Filofax girl. Really, I’ve pretty much always been a personal Malden girl. And while I know I could not use the A5 as my everyday binder since I combine my planner with my wallet, it has been wonderful to use while managing this project and my job search.

While Janet was tremendously gracious in supplying me with quite the parcel of start up inserts, I knew I would eventually need more. A 2014 calendar, for instance, along with any inserts I may need for my future job (whatever that job may be). This is when I realized the full glory of the A5 size. Unlike the bajillion cuts I needed to make to create inserts for my personal Malden, I could simply cut one piece of A4 paper in half, punch and voila! I’m creating A5 inserts.

And then I remembered that I live in the States. Where A4 paper isn’t exactly stocked on the shelves at office supply stores.


Thankfully, Staples came to the rescue. I was able to order a ream of A4 copy paper for just under $10 USD. Actually, because I had some Staples rewards dollars, I didn’t pay anything!

photo 1

I’ll be the first to admit that this paper isn’t the best quality – it’s just 20lb copy paper. Once I get closer to printing my 2014 diary I’ll be able to determine if this paper quality will be good enough for daily diary use.

But for random notes and printouts, say, to be able to keep a job description for which you’ve applied right inside your binder, it works perfectly!

photo 2
The process (on my printer at least) is very simple. I just have to replace the paper, then change the paper size in my print settings and tell it to shrink to A5 size. Super easy. And it makes carrying documents around much easier – you can see below that the regular US letter size printout is on the left, and the A5 size is inserted into my binder on the right.

photo 3
Behind the job description, I have a few pages of notes on topics which might be covered in an interview. I’m hoping, in the case I’m called in for an interview, that I’ll look much smarter and put together carrying in one (beautiful) leather binder instead of a bunch of jumbled papers. I’m still waiting for the interview call (prayers, positive thoughts, good juju are all being accepted)!
photo 4
I’m hoping to hear back from this job soon – I really want to be able to start using the binder as a work binder. But until I have a full time job secured, it’s hard to know what type of diary/layout/extra inserts will work best.

So for now I’m just waiting for the phone to ring, and cursing every time I answer and it’s a telemarketer or the video store telling me I have a movie due…

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