Using a ring organiser to manage a project – Part 2

Hi All! It’s crazy, I’ve realized that amid planning schedules and laying out all of your posts, I need to write, photograph, and schedule my own! Fortunately, my new system in the beautiful A5 Siena is working fabulously and keeping me sane (at least where the project is involved)!

My set up for the weekly pages hasn’t changed much – I’m still just using them to track any job leads, or update my notes on any jobs I’ve applied for. For example, there was a bit of movement on one of my applications on Monday:

The rest of my setup has changed ever-so-slightly, as most new systems do. The main change is the addition of two new writing utensils.

Having so much black ink on the monthly pages was driving me a bit batty, so I’ve decided to go back to a color coding system. Not only does it make the page look prettier, but I can see at a glance exactly what’s going on with the project.

For the new system, I’m using black pen to write in the agreed on deadline schedule with each participant. These are the deadlines they have agreed to have their posts emailed to me by. As soon as the schedule is agreed upon, all five post deadlines are written in. The new part of the system is that I’m now using a pink FriXion pen to “pencil” in the date I’ll get the post up. Clearly I can’t always guarantee that the post will go up on the same day I receive it, so I’m using the pink pen to write in the approximate day I’ll get the post up. That way if something unforeseen happens (like when my Internet was down for half the day yesterday) I can simply erase and schedule for a new day.

I’m using the green highlighter instead of crossing off each deadline or post once it is completed. Instead of marking the pages beyond recognition, I’ve just been highlighting each deadline (written in black) as soon as I receive the post from the participant. I’ve also been using it to highlight each post once it has been uploaded or scheduled for a particular day.

With this new (and improved!) system, I can look at a day or a week at a quick glance and see exactly what needs to be done. This project is definitely a bit more time consuming and complicated than I thought going in (not complaining, just being honest) but this system is really helping me pace out the work and the posts! And even though I’m just using initials to save space in the monthly pages, since I have all of the project summaries filed in the A-Z tabs, I can easily flip back there to confirm who is who if I forget the initials! Yay for a system that really works!

I’m honestly not sure how much I’ll be updating the system between now and my next post, but I’m sure I’ll end up tweaking something 🙂

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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