I love this jewellery photo

I have hunted for the source but have been unable to find it. Many websites feature it, but as inspiration with no source. Would be interested to know where it originated. I love that labradorite (?) bracelet.

The one below seems to be from the same source.


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  1. Just a bit more on your jewelry search: Yes, Google Reverse Image Search is the way to go here. This style of jewelry and accessories in the US are called “Boho -chic” (Bohemian chic), a sort of hippie glam style first popularized in the US by actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss around 2005. Boho-chic was also picked by the then fashion new-comers, the Olsen Twins. Boho is not as popular today as it was then, but there remain some retail outlets, such as Lulus.com. However, the specific set you were looking for is being retailed by a shop in Los Angeles named “The Boho Boutique”. You should consider that one of the most salient features of Boho-chic was its extremely low cost. For example, your wonderfully photographed rings are really just silver-plated zinc, and the entire 8-piece ring set sells for under $20 USD. You can see them here: https://thebohoboutique.com/collections/rings/products/silver-plated-boho-ring-set

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    • Ooh those sets are really cheap. Extremely pretty though. I guess you could buy a set and use it for a week’s holiday, by the end of which everything would be unwearable if you got them near salty air or water. Of course, with good photography it is hard to tell what things look and feel like in real life either. There is nothing like quality heavy vintage silver, but everything looks the same in photographs.


  2. Found the source of the original picture :


    She cites the sources of all the jewellery at the end of the post.

    Regards, SMW

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