Hobonichi Thank You All series by Sebastian Masuda

I have featured my Thank You All Hobonichi Cousin cover and pencil case several times. My style of notebook and handbag is usually basic black or brown leather. No frills, no patterns, no bright colours. So it took me a long while to buy this cover. I was not sure if I was going to stick with Hobonichi and I needed a cover so I got this one because it was cheap and cheerful. And I loved the bookmarks!

I actually love it. I love looking at the detail on the cover, and the quality of both items is very good. I am using my pouch to hold my pens at the moment but once I move into my 2018 pen case, I will use this one for my makeup bag.

This series is part of Hobonichi’s 2017 range and no longer available. But Hobonichi do open their archive shop now and then, allowing you to buy items that they still have from previous years. I really recommend this series.

Sebastian Masuda is an art director/designer born 1970 who lead the “Kawaii” culture in Harajuku by pushing the boundaries with his designs in art, entertainment, and fashion. His main works include a shop in Harajuku, art design for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu music video PONPONPON, production of theatrical restaurant Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku, and more. He opened the art gallery Time After Time Capsule in 2016, hosted in Paris, London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and will host the gallery for the second time in New York in late October.

These four products come from Sebastian Masuda’s art brand, Sebastian Masuda ART, which is featured in his shop. The products are designed to match his “Thank You All” Hobonichi Techo cover series.

The lunch bag is a larger-size bag that can fit a Hobonichi Techo—even an A5 Cousin size—alongside a variety of other items. The bottom of the bag is flat, making it a perfect bag for carrying your lunch.

The pouch is a relatively large makeup pouch that works well alongside a Hobonichi Techo. The zipper is a beautiful yellow.

The pen case is built with a band that makes it attachable to the Hobonichi Techo for carrying a variety of pens with you. The band is black with red polkadots and keeps your planner book shut in your bag. The pen case can be attached vertically to the A6 Planner / Original and Weeks, and horizontally to the A5 Cousin.

The colorful ID holder includes a key ring that makes it great for clipping onto your bag or belt when around town.


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