Hobonichi 2018 Cousin and Mitsuhiko Sasao My Favourite Table Hobonichi Cousin Cover

I pre-ordered this a while back and it arrived last week. I am still in my red Van Der Spek Janet Leather Codex cover  and loving it, but the Cousin works out cheaper if you buy a cover and I figured I could always sell it.

I will be staying in a Hobonichi Cousin (A5) for the foreseeable future because I am continuing to declutter and sell alongside my job so I need more space for notes in a less bulky format than a Filofax personal size.

The cover did not feel as I expected. I thought it would be more textiley but it is smooth. The website also said this cover was thicker than normal and would not take a cover on cover. It actually does not feel thicker at all and I have heard that you can actually use a cover on cover on it – perhaps a snugger fit, but it fits.  The pattern goes all the way under the slip pocket. If there is one thing I miss in my Codex, it is this external slip pocket.

It has the standard Cousin layout with two different bookmarks. Even though I have a different layout in my Codex, this pocket constellation is actually very practical.

I am not sure of any changes in the layout of the 2018 Cousin because I will use my present one until the end of the year.

The bonus items for this year were meal decider dice (with which my cats are in love) and one of the wonderful Hobonichi pens. I love these pens – I bought the blue ones in bulk last year and I have used them constantly. I also bought a 2018 A6 size calendar to slip into the pocket of my TN

This is the interior of the A6 calendar


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