Flying Tiger has ring organisers in stock again

Flying Tiger had ring organisers for sale when I went in for a browse over the weekend. They had a hologram version in personal size, and red/black/blue in A5 size. They had basic refills and were, as is the norm for Flying Tiger, not at all expensive. They are not going to last twenty years and are by no means an investment buy, but would be perfect for archive storage, travelling, projects, or beginners.

I did not check whether any of them are Filofax-compatible but Flying Tiger’s binders usually are.

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I purchased 4 of those in England (here the store is called Tiger) intending to use the binders to store archives in, they’re cheaper than Filofax archive binders (£4 here at present for the black, red, and blue in Personal size, I haven’t seen the silver holo effect yet) and the internal pockets are useful for storing year-specific bits and pieces.

    Can confirm the pages (at least in the UK Personal-type) are 11cm/4.25ins wide by 17cm/6.6ins tall which I believe is approximately the size of the Franklin Covey Compact page size, so they fit some Personal Filofax binders depending on how you have your pen loops set up, size of rings, and type of closure. Another option is to slice the page down to the end of the lines and date section, which removes 8mm which may be enough, depending on your setup.

    Taking off more to make them Filofax 9.5cm width would remove the last horizontal line of the date section at the top right and that would give me the willies, but it’s an option some people may want if using the pages for scrap or disposable lists etc.

    They’re quite generous with the paper, although some of the ones I’ve seen in Tiger stores are fouled by the pen loops which creased large chunks of pages, so that’s something to check for. The binders are very light, the one I just weighed came in at 193g empty, and the interior ring measurement is 2cm at the widest point across.

    The paper has significant bleedthrough from a Pilot “V Ball 0.7” in black and from the Frixion 0.7 in light blue, but none from a Bic Crystal ballpoint pen and barely noticeable when using Pilot “V5 Hi-Tecpoint” 0.5 in black, and the darkness of the printed lines varies, so not the highest quality but at that price, not grumbling, and I like the light cream colour.

    After trying them out in my household planner, I started enjoying the extra width of the paper (much less pinched-looking than Filofax Personal, but without the added weight of A5) and may even change to that for 2018 when I print my own inserts for the year! Not bad for a chance purchase, eh?

    1. Hey! I know this comment is old, but do you think A5 inserts would fit in this binder? I want to buy one since it’s in stock again, but I wanted to buy new insert paper online to put in it

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