Amazing name jewellery

I recently ordered a custom name ring from RonLi Designs on Etsy. I cannot recommend this seller enough! Lior is a single mum with multiple sclerosis who is able to work from home and support her two daughters by making jewellery.

Communication was great, the price was excellent, shipping was free, my custom ring was made in four days and arrived in my hands in another four. It is light, fits perfectly and the silver interior is unusually silky smooth and comfortable. The quality is outstanding. I have never bought a necklace but would love one with my favourite word on it. They would also be great gifts for loved ones, and you can include birthstones and charms.

My ring looks like this:

Lior also makes bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in a myriad of other styles and fonts. In addition to monogrammed jewellery, she also sells other designs, including widow’s mite jewellery, various religious symbols and emoticons. Here are some of them:




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  1. I’ve received my 2 silver name necklaces and I love them. As my first name is rather long (8 letters) I needed the necklace to be thicker than they usually are otherwise they tend to bend and break.
    My necklaces are 1.2 mm thick which is not bad at all. I am sure they won’t bend as they are pretty rigid.
    The letters are beautiful and perfectly cut.

    Thank you Janet for making me discover that Etsy shop. I can honestly say I highly recommend it. The work is perfect and their jewels are not overpriced considering their quality!

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  2. I have been looking everywhere for a silver name necklace. I must have asked about 160 jewellers either on line or in their shops and I have never been able to find the necklace I’m looking for.
    All the jewels I see are too thin and because I have an eight-letter-name they need to be thick enough otherwise they bend and break.

    I used to have a name necklace when I was a teenager and it was thick. Unfortunately I lost it and I have never been able to find an other one.

    So if you hear about a seller who has thick silver name necklaces, please let me know! In the meantime I’ll go and have a look at RinLi Designs shop.

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