My new Oliclips – I love them!

It’s no secret that I love Oliclips! The magnets are pretty strong and so you can use them as bookmarks, money clips, paperclips, fridge magnets, pen loops or to close food packets. I have even used them as hair clips in an emergency. I always have a couple in my planner. Plus they are really pretty and there are always new versions coming out to tempt you.

My oldest ones must be about four years now and are still going strong. You would probably never need to replace them (I have not had one break or wear out on me yet) but there are so many limited editions that come out it’s hard not to be tempted.

Two of my older ones
I keep extras on my fridge so that I can quickly find them if I need them.

The ones that have been tempting me for ages now are the florals. They are so pretty. A few weeks ago I spotted a 25% discount code in the Oliclip shop on Etsy that was expiring the same day and I used it to buy the floral clips. I was thrilled to finally be able to buy them, guilt-free!

Dan from Oli knows I blog and has in the past sent me some clips to test when I have bought something from the shop on Etsy. This time he really outdid himself. He sent me some great new clips to try – in both sizes – and a photo of some upcoming designs.

These are the flower clips I ordered using the discount code recently. I had been wanting these for ages because they were so pretty. I knew I would be sorry if I did not buy them while they were still available, and the discount convinced me.
Using the same discount I also bought these reversible ones which are really gorgeous. I have had my eye on these ones for a while as well.
You can reverse them.
And here come the ones I was lucky enough to be able to review. These are rose gold and orange and black matte glitter which are amazing. My absolute favourite is the black. Classic with a sparky twist. As soon as I spotted it in the parcel I knew it would be a favourite!
Also matte glitter in the most amazing array of colours. I would never have chosen these for myself from the photographs in the Etsy shop but they are stunning. Photographs just do not do them justice. My favourites here are the purple and red which are the perfect shades.

And below are the new designs coming for Christmas. I was so happy to have been able to have a peek at these and I really like them. The theme and the designs are perfect for traveler’s notebook users. You can see planes, airline names, travel stickers and famous landmarks featured in them. They are subtle and minimalistic, and would be perfect for genuine Midori notebooks which also feature the same design aesthetic in their advertising and the stickers that come with the calendars etc.




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  1. Hello! I’m interested in floral flower oils. Send me the exact link, because on etsy other model. 😅

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