Filofax Classic Mashups

Thanks to Jessica O – who gave me the heads-up about the pink and red beauty on eBay – I am now the very proud owner of a complete set of Filofax Limited Edition Classic Mashups. Both of these organisers came to me via blog readers who know I collect rarities. There were only 25 made of each of the two Mash Up colourways, which probably makes these the rarest Filofaxes ever released, surprisingly enough. Most Filofax limited editions are in runs of 200 – 1, 921 (for the Grace Scurr duplex).

The pink and red has a tiny bit of colour loss on the front corners but it is negligible and was well described in the advert, and the binder was incredibly cheap.

As you can see below, the interior of both of them is the same colour, while the exterior consists of leather patchwork in different colourways.

I have been hunting for the red/pink version for ages and never thought I would find one as they are incredibly rare.

Author: Janet Carr

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