Old Florence sterling silver and leather keyring

If you remember, a while back I was lamenting how hard it was to find nice keyrings. There is no logical place to look for them, and I wanted something more than a ring with a plastic or metal disk on it.

I had actually given up looking when I found this one for next to nothing at a local pawnbroker auction. It is made by Old Florence – solid hallmarked sterling silver and thick leather. I was the only bidder. Probably because it looked pretty sad as it was badly tarnished. But a quick bath in my silver dip when I got home and it looked amazing.

It has my beloved balls on the ends, like Tiffany’s famous Return to Tiffany keyring, and the leather is thick and firm and a gorgeous glossy bright red.

It is very easy to use – no breaking your nails trying to get the ring open, and it is easy to spot in my bag. I am absolutely thrilled. It makes me happy every time I look at it!


And after!

Old Florence is a high end jewellery brand. I have one of their engraved silver bangles, which was why I spotted the keyring. I don’t think any of the bidders realised the keyring was solid sterling silver.

Here is my bangle


Author: Janet Carr

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    1. The one ball unscrews but it has not become loose in the month or so that I have used it. I know the Tiffany keyrings sometimes loose the balls because many of them being sold on eBay are missing one, but I cannot imagine this one ever coming loose. Perhaps after many years of screwing and unscrewing it the threads may become worn.

      1. Great! Even better than the Tiffany’s! I’m a bit concerned that some thieves might be able to make copies of your keys by using your photoes. Maybe you shouldn’t show them publicly. You never know.

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