Ancestry DNA results are in!

I was rather surprised at the amount of British I have in me, given that I had a German mother and Irish father. Though one of my grandmothers was British. I did my DNA through, because it has a Swedish site and so many of my local friends have done it this way.

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  1. that scandinavian element is actually notably low

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  2. It’s so amazing how finetuned the results are!!

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  3. Hey! You have less than 1% of Greek genes, high five!
    No, seriously, I never thought Greek/Italians get their own subcategory, considering the French, German etc are under the “Europe West” umbrella.

    This test shows so much accuracy, now I’m all the more intrigued to take it one day.

    Now that you know the results, do they make more sense to you? I remember the way Brooke Shields reacted on “Who do you think you are”, when she found out her French ancestry (won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it, but it was big). She said she now understood why she was always so attracted to the french culture.

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  1. Another update on DNA results – Janet Carr @

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