Fossil Sydney Satchel

A friend of mine that I have been spending time with lately has two of these gorgeous Fossil Sydney satchels – one in brown and one in mint. They are really nice, particularly the brown one. Fit a great deal and are not too bulky. Maybe a bit small for me as I generally carry A4 papers around with me, but I loved the leather and the style.

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  1. Unfortunately Fossil no longer make them, which is sad because it is my favourite bag. I have a green one and I love it.


    • Fossil has started making them again, along with another, slightly different version. The new version has leather that is smoother and less supple/pliable, but also features exterior pockets. I love my Sydneys – as they came in so many beautiful colors and carry quite a bit for being so compact. If you check – you’ll find the Sydney is back (and instead of $178, it’s now $123 US dollars), and in 4 colors! You can also always find the Sydney on ebay for around $80 US dollars for one in very decent condition. I’m almost embarrassed to say, but I have red, burgundy, pink, black, brown, and a light tan color…. LOL I can’t get enough of this little power pack of goodness! 🙂

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  2. Ali Brown has one. I copied her because I LOVE the way it opens wide so I don’t have to dig and dig and dig. I also got a knock-off of it from the Nordstrom sale in a light color.

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    • They’re back on the site though – and they’re the original soft leather ones! I think the Norties ones are PU leather – but they DO look almost identical! The Fossil leather is so durable though…it can take such a beating and still look great! – type in Sydney, and you’ll see it’s down to $123 and in 4 colors. They (Fossil) also started making another VERY similar bag that features 2 exterior pockets now – but the leather is really smooth and stiffer….plus it’s $178 – so I’d opt for the OG (original gangster) Sydney! LOL Anyway – enjoy your new bag and wear her in good health!

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