Flying Tiger does Regular Size TN insert booklets

Flying Tiger is doing Regular Size TN insert booklets at the moment. They cost €1.50 and are really nice

  • Perfectly sized – the exact size of a Midori insert
  • Firm carboard cover
  • Glorious crisp cream paper
  • Blank, lined or graph paper
  • Stitched (not glued or stapled)

Below you will see a Midori Lightweight insert booklet and a Flying Tiger blank insert booklet. The Midori is the one with the lighter cover and white paper, the Flying Tiger one is the one with the darker cover and cream paper

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  1. Ahem, I may just have bought 15 – they were only £1 in Tiger here. And the cute little candy stripe TNs were £2, so I bought one in each colour (red, blue, turquoise). One will make a great pressie for a vegan friend who loves stationery. They also had some gorgeous notebooks with rainbow edges to the pages.

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  2. Thanks for the heads up! I went to my local Tiger this afternoon and bought ten of these before they sell out. They’re £1 here, so a fantastic bargain. Though it might not stop me from buy from TN accessories when I’m back in Tokyo next month – there’s nothing like the real thing, after all 🙂

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  3. This is fantastic news! I tend to buy the whole TNs so that I can get the notebooks inside and cannibalize the other bits and pieces found on the cover but this is great. I used a fountain pen through the whole notebook and there is not even any ghosting. The paper doesn’t feel as smooth and ‘bendy’ as the Midori paper but for the price, it’s excellent quality. I will have to go and raid my neighbourhood Flying Tiger! Thank you for the heads up!

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  4. Dimension-wise you wouldn’t know it isn’t an original Midori, but I’ll guess the paper is of regular weight and not as thin as the lightweight Midori insert. Have you tested the paper with fountain pens? I wonder if there is any feathering / ghosting.

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